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Sean McFate Sean McFate
Associate Professor, National Defense University
Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council
Adjunct Professor, Georgetown University School of Foreign Service
Adjunct Social Scientist, RAND Corporation
Expert in:
— Future of War
— Mercenaries and Private Military Companies
— US Foreign Policy and National Security Strategy
— Terrorism and Conflict
— African Politics and Security
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Author of:
The Modern Mercenary - Private Armies and What They Mean for World Order (Oxford University Press, July 2014). This book exposes the little understood yet crucially important world of private military contractors, and how private military force will change international relations. Based on real-world experience and four years of research.

Sean McFate — The Modern Mercenary — Oxford University Press“Fascinating and disturbing”
—The Economist

“Persuasive, unsettling and nonpolemical”
—Publisher’s Weekly, Starred Review

Sean McFate: "The Modern Mercenary"
interview on The Diane Rehm Show

Sean McFate: "Reining in Soldiers of Fortune"
New York Times Op-Ed Contributor

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